Is The Zonal League In Kenya Still Active?

The first season of the new four-sided zonal league will begin in February. There are four zones – Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, and Nairobi. The Zone A teams will play their home matches in Nairobi, while the Zone B teams will play their home games in other parts of the country. The proposed new format is expected to be geographically based and will be a step towards bringing the game back to its traditional roots.

The new format of the league will be a change from the old one

The original schedule was to begin in December, but was postponed to allow the zone meetings. The zone meeting is still scheduled for February 22, but has been postponed until the zones meet. The clubs will now compete in Zones A and B, but they have mixed feelings about the new split. The tournament will take place in Kenya on March 16.

The new league season will be affected by the AWCON. On February 22 the Harambee Starlets will face South Sudan, which they defeated 15-1 in the first round. Uganda will be up next. They defeated Ethiopia on a penalty shootout and are in the second round. If both teams win their games, they will qualify for the AWCON Finals tournament in Morocco, which will take place from two to 23 July. The competition will also be part of the 2023 World Cup Qualification process.

If the league does not start soon, it could be impacted by the AWCON Women’s Cup. The Harambee Starlets have already eliminated South Sudan 15-1. They will now face Uganda in the second round. Both teams will be competing in the AWCON Finals. The AWCON Finals will be hosted by Morocco and will last for two weeks. It is part of the national qualification process.

In the first round of the competition, the national elite league will be held in December

The Under-15 and women’s tournaments will take place in November. However, the Kenya Women’s Premier League has been unified for two seasons. The new Zone A and B has yet to begin, but the 16-team tournament will kick off in March. The Kenya Women’s Premier League is a major event in the country.

While the current season of the Kenya Women’s Premier League is set for December, the continent’s AWCON final will affect the league. Earlier, the league was to kick off on February 22, but the clubs had to meet and decide on the split. Since then, the sixteen-team AWCON Women’s League has been split into two zones – Zone A and Zone B. The clubs’ reactions are mixed.

The competition was originally due to start in December, but was postponed due to ongoing problems in the Nairobi province. The new season will kick off on February 22. The league’s competition was initially scheduled for December, but has now been postponed. The African Cricket Association pledged US$35,000 for the tournament. In addition, the organization is seeking corporate sponsors for Zone A and B.

The new season will feature a number of fixtures for the upcoming year

The debut match of the AWCON is set for October, and the women’s competition will be held in December as well. The tournament will feature a number of games that will be played in different regions. The competition is expected to last two months. After the first season, the league will have a few months of play, but may be delayed due to the AWCON.

While the league will be dominated by men’s soccer, there will be a women’s league as well. The league will be split into two zones. While the men’s league will remain as a unified competition, the women’s league will be split into Zone A and Zone B. There will be a total of 16 teams. There are three teams in each zone. In addition, there will be a regional championship.

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