Women's Cricket History

Cricket has been played by women and girls in Kenya since 1996 when cricket development programme was initiated in schools. Girls were incorporated to play alongside their boys counterparts.

First organized competitions for girls were held the same year when girl’s team from schools took part in the schools championships. 
In 2000 Kenya Women Cricket Association was formed to administer and develop the game at national level.

The first International match was played against Uganda in Nairobi in 2001. The tourists won the three-match series, two-one. A year later Kenya took part in its first International competition in Tanzania where the team finished third. 

In 2004 KWCA merged with the Cricket Kenya to streamline the administration of the game in Kenya and to help cricket to realize its potential to attract women and girls to the game.

Cricket Kenya provides the framework and support to develop cricket for women and girls at levels ranging from junior to through to national interprovincial competitions at Under 17, Under 19 and Open levels.

Women's camp in December 2000 conducted by national men’s team players was the first training camp that brought all the girls together. 
Nairobi as it has been the case with the men’s cricket been the most successful province as far as getting more girls into cricket.

Kenya took part in the first ICC tournament in 2006 when they took part in the 2009 Women World Cup Qualifies in Nairobi. They finished fourth after loosing all their matches but in 2010, Kenya made history when they beat Zimbabwe in the 2013 Women World Cup Qualifiers. 

Despite not making it to the global qualifiers after missing out the qualification due to net run rate that favored Zimbabwe, the Kenya became the only team in the region to beat a test nation team in Women cricket.

In 2012, Kenya took part in the Women Twenty20 Qualifiers in Tanzania where they registered their poor performance in the recent past. 
They finished joint fifth with Namibia after failing to win any single match in the six teams event.