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Cricket Kenya releases it’s 6 months activity report

Cricket Kenya today released a report on its 6 months activities in office.

After setting a record of being elected the first ever woman to hold the position of Chairperson of a National Cricket Body, Ms. Jackie Janmohamed has also been elected the first woman official in the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) as Tournament Director during the ACA AGM held in Durban, South Africa in April.

In her acceptance speech in December 2012 to the full Cricket fraternity, Ms. Janmohamed acknowledged that by her election to head the cricket body, Kenya had set a world record. With her election, she had to give back to the sport by entering into a covenant of uniting everyone in cricket, for the benefit of the sport. Achievable and measurable results would be reflected in the work that the newly elected officials and she will strive to achieve.

In releasing the report of the activities that Cricket Kenya has been able to accomplish, Ms. Janmohamed said that “I trust everyone who wants to adopt the development of cricket in the country will be able to read the report and offer positive criticism on the work which has been undertaken the past six months’.

The public is able to download the full report from the Cricket Kenya website on

“The results that our teams post whether good or bad are all determined by the structures that we have put in place and I would like to assure the public that under my term in office, Cricket Kenya will be putting structures that will develop the game from the foundation stage, so that Kenya can remain competitive in the global arena, Ms. Janmohamed said.