Governor promises to assist Development as Laikipia gets new cricket pitch

posted on Jun 25, 2013

Laikipia County Governor Joshua Ndungu has said he will work closely with Cricket Kenya to ensure that the standard of cricket in the country improves.

Inaugurating a new cricket ground in Ole Polei and the first in the county, Ndungu said he will work closely with CK in ensuring that the area produces more cricketers and also ensure that ground gets into international standards in the next five years.

Ole Polei is known for the Maasai Cricket Warriors side that has taken part in some international matches and has also won some accolade from International Cricket Council.

Maasai Warriors have exchanged their spears for cricket bats and they are using cricket as a vehicle to empower youth and to target social problems in order to bring about positive change in their communities.

The developing of the ground was done by the British Army’s who have been training in the area.

Dressed in flowing red skirts and draped in colourful bead necklaces, the warriors from the legendary Kenyan tribe are one of the world's most unusual and unlikely cricketing teams.

“We are very grateful that we have this kind of facility in our county and we take this advantage to partner with Cricket Kenya and other well wishers like British Aramy in tapping the budding talent in our community,” Ndungu said.

The governor added that he will be pumping in some money to help schools around the area play cricket and hoped that parents will support their children.

“The Maasai Warriors have proved that they can put spears down and take up cricket bats. We are now asking parents and teachers to help some of our children that still believe in spears that we have cricket,” he said.

Spaeking at the same venue, NPCA chairman Tom Tikolo said that while considering the climate and other infrastructure facilities in the area, there was ample scope for setting up a well-equipped cricket centre that will tap more talent.

The Maasai Warriors team is set to tour London in August for an international competition at Lords Cricket Ground which is known as home of cricket.