Trials for Nairobi under-19 boys team selection concludes

posted on May 08, 2017

The trials for this year’s Nairobi under-19 boys concluded at Simba Union Club. As many as 94 players had registered for the trials from which a total of 25 players were identified for inclusion into the initial training squad which will be boosted by those selected after the Mombasa audition.


The venture went very well indeed and the standard of cricket on show was of a very good standard. Having now concluded the Nairobi trials, focus shifts to the Coastal city of Mombasa where a similar model trial will be conducted.

“It was pleasing to see the development that is taking place in these young players”, said Cricket Kenya’s Chairperson, Jackie Janmohamed.


"Encouragingly, quite a few new players were identified in each of the age groups, several of whom have been recommended through the development programmes we have been running in the last few years.”


"Particularly for the sessions in Nairobi, the impression we got was that the recent efforts definitely had a positive effect and there was certainly an improvement in the standard which was very encouraging to see.”


Coach James Kamande added: "We are always looking to improve upon the structure that we currently have in place, whilst this year has certainly seen some considerable progress, there are still some areas that we need to develop in our coaching systems that will in turn enhance the output of the program, and the development of young cricketers even further."