Cricket Kenya contracts four women coaches

posted on Feb 07, 2017

Four female coaches have been drafted by Cricket Kenya into its developmental program on a full-time basis.

The four, who are all Kenyan women’s national team players will be attached to various cricket teams in Nairobi and Nakuru. They will also offer assistance to the current team of male cricket coaches in the country.

The four are expected to assist the expansion of schools’ cricket base. They will further help out CK to make foray in the country and especially in Nairobi where the exclusive girls’ High Schools have a preference for a female coach.

Such schools who are interested in cricket and have intimated their preference of to have female coaches are Pangani Girls, Huruma Girls and Moi Girls Nairobi. State House Girls have been consistent in playing cricket though they have sought the services of independent coach.

The four coaches join CK at a time when the federation is enterprising to improve the participation of women in cricket through their programs and also achieve equity.

Two of the coaches have already been deployed to Nakuru, while the others will be installed later in the week to their stations in Nairobi. They become the first ever women coaches to be employed by Cricket Kenya.